Несносный наблюдатель (cema) wrote,
Несносный наблюдатель

On great presidents

Those who believe that history runs in cycles will be interested to note that the three great presidents took office at 72-year intervals--Washington in 1789, Lincoln in 1861 and FDR in 1933--and that this November it will have been exactly 72 years since the election of our last great president.

If Kerry is elected, then I am almost sure the press will make him a great president. Like they (almost) did with JFK. Indeed, the economy is improving, the situation in Iraq is much better than it is being reported now (but, if Kerry is elected, I expect the tone of the press to become more upbeat), and what else? Oh, the VIP foreign leaders in Europe will like the US more with Kerry on top. I assume, of course, that his presidential team is going to be staffed reasonably well.

If Bush is reelected, the press on him may be expected to become marginally better (after all, the people will have spoken). But few would call him great, because he is not from their camp; this is a very partisan issue.

I do not want a great president. I want a president who does his job like I want him to. Which means I want a good presidential team and a president who is not afraid of knowledgeable advisors. And not afraid to take bold steps if (s)he decides they need to be taken.

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