Несносный наблюдатель (cema) wrote,
Несносный наблюдатель

Situation around suck_my_nya

Just posted in the report abuse form.

It came to my attention that user suck_my_nya was falsely accused of posting child pornography and therefore deleted. According to the way situation was described to me, the images posted were scanned from Elogie de ma Fille, a book by Irina Ionesco, printed in the USA. Apparently the vigilante who complained about the posting did not realize this was a work of art.

Moreover, as far as I can tell, LJ Abuse Team acted hastily and not in accordance with the terms of service. If not the letter, then the spirit of the rules was violated by deleting the user suck_my_nya without warning.

I hope you will look carefully into this situation. If such wanton destruction of trust between the user and LJ team continues, the reputation of LiveJournal will suffer. Many long-time users like myself will start looking for alternatives.

Personally, I have been enjoying the services of LiveJournal for several years and found a good home there. But I am concerned. Right now, I am observing the situation closely and trying to decide if I want to remain a paid user of LiveJournal.

Request tracking number is 441895.

Update. Received a standard reply, to the effect that they do not discuss such matters with third parties. Of course.
Update. suck_my_nya is back. However, several more users, who reposted some of those photographs, are now suspended. What is going on with the Abuse Team? So here is the second letter:
The user in question (suck_my_nya) is back now, thank you for a quick response!

However, it seems that more users are now suspended. I was told they reposted some of the photos that got suck_my_nya in trouble, to show solidarity with her. While I do not know any details, I would like to see the Abuse Team to resolve these issues as quickly (and hopefully as positively) as they did it in case of suck_my_nya.

The allegedly suspended users are: nekosch,
weird_wired, kos__mos, dahr.

Thank you.

Update. Discussion in abuse_lj_abuse. :-)

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