April 5th, 2003

almost menorah


So far, the most succesful Iraqi weapon seems to be what Americans call the technical (similar to тачанка back in the Russian Civil war). Mentioned in this article, for example [winds of change blog]. I wonder if they have learned this from their Soviet advisors.

Update. A relevant entry from wikipedia:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A "technical" is fighting vehicle. While the term "technical" appears to have originated in Mogadishu, Somalia, this type of vehicle is employed throughout the world by militia forces in urban warfare. It is an open-backed land cruiser or truck on which is mounted a recoilless rifle, heavy machine gun, mortar, or other weapons system. They are usually unarmored.

They are employed in two distinct modes; either while moving at high
speed, indiscriminately spraying a area with fire, or approaching a fixed
target rapidly, suddenly stopping, and firing aimed shots.