July 24th, 2003


Pepsi versus Coke

On the floor where Saddam's sons had chosen to make their last stand lay clothes, bloodstained bedding, a Pepsi can and a box of Mars Bars.
Bad PR for Pepsi. Or is it good PR?

Oh btw, AFAIR, Pepsi-Cola, unlike Coca-Cola, participated in the Arab boycott of Israel. (Not officially, though, since it was illegal in the US.) That is why a pepsi production plant was established in the USSR, and the coke was unavailable until better times. Pepsi-cola was available, albeit barely. And that is why coca-cola remained the "American dream" while pepsi-cola acquired a sort of Soviet taste. Later, when perestroika opened blah-blah and capitalism made inroads in the Russian soul, coca-cola was much more popular than pepsi, with the corresponding difference in consumption and production. I am sure some Pepsi manager received a good bonus in the 1970s for "opening a new market", but long term it seems to have been a poor decision.

Disclaimer: whatever.