August 30th, 2004


Миру — мир

[...] research shows that the number of people killed in battle has fallen to 20,000 per year–the lowest number in the post-Second World War period.

The authoritative Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in a 2004 Yearbook report obtained by The Associated Press in advance of publication, says 19 major armed conflicts were under way worldwide in 2003, a sharp drop from 33 wars counted in 1991.

The Canadian organization Project Ploughshares, using broader criteria to define armed conflict, says in its new annual report that the number of conflicts declined to 36 in 2003, from a peak of 44 in 1995.

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Не знаю, насколько адекватны эти цифры, и насколько вообще верна оценка ситуации.