December 25th, 2004


0 программистов ругал сердитый шеф...

Потом уволил одного, и стало их FF.

Неплохо, неплохо.

Update. With thanks to Dima von der Flaas and apologies to Yuri Nesterenko, here is my English translation of his English version. (Feel free to criticize.)

0A developers.

0A young developers began to work online,
One didn't pay for the Internet, and then there were 9.

9 young developers used the copies they had made,
But one was caught by the FBI, and then there were 8.

8 young developers were talking about the heaven,
One said: "It's Windows 95!" — and then there were 7.
(Variants: Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, CE. To be updated.)

7 young developers found bugs they'd like to fix,
Then one was fixed by the bug, and then there were 6.

6 young developers were testing the hard drive,
One got the string "Format completed", and then there were 5.

5 young developers were running the FrontDoor,
The BBS of one was hacked, and then there were 4.
(Variant: The ISP of one was hacked.)

4 young developers worked using only C,
One tried to praise Pascal and Basic, and then there were 3.
(Variant: Delphi and Basic. Or some other language and Basic.)

3 young developers were not sure what to do,
One tried to call the on-line help, and then there were 2.

2 young developers were testing what they'd done,
One got a virus in his brain, and then there was 1.

1 young developer was mighty as a hero.
He tried to speak with a customer, and then there were 0.

Boss yelled: "Hey, where is the program we must have?!"
And fired one developer. And then there were FF.

Yuri Nesterenko, 1997.
Translated by Yuri Nesterenko, 1997, and Simon Hawkin, 2004.
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