July 12th, 2005


Those journalists

There is this site: We Are Not Afraid. Its stated purpose is
show the world that we're not afraid of what happened in London, and that the world is a better place without fear.

Then there is this newspaper: New York Times. Some Sarah Boxer...
We're Not Afraid, set up to show solidarity with London, seems to be turning into a place where the haves of the world can show that they're not afraid of the have-nots.

This sounded too much like a rehash of political cliches and did not quite comport with what I had already seen on the site, so I went there again. Here is what I just saw on the site: a young man who survived this attack: "I am not afraid"; an old man: "wasn't afraid when he fought the Blitz and he's not afraid now"; etc, etc. So what do you think I can now say of this Sarah Boxer?

In other news, BBC reportedly stopped calling terrorists terrorists because that would be judgemental.