September 7th, 2005


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Two-way radio

Who would recommend me how to choose and buy one (or two)? I need it for things like camping, hiking (no heavy mountaineering, some light mountaineering maybe), caravan driving (to get around town or between towns in a party of two or more cars), cross-campus talk (to save the cell phone battery).

Unlike digital cameras, the online reviews I have found for these have been suspicious and/or incomplete. I hope you could give me a better hint.

Thanks in advance.

Знание -- сила

А сила есть — ума не надо. Значит: если есть знание — можно обойтись без ума. Вот и объяснение, почему среди образованных так много дураков.

Not the last one [Katrina]

No, that was not the last one. I just realized I forgot to mention Andrew Sullivan, whose blog has links to interesting Katrina-related texts. Like this one (from dailyKos). The people felt they were abandoned — sheesh, they were abandoned. (Although I would be careful about certain details in the story.) And this one from EMS Network (and a large grain of salt, see "there is good reason to be skeptical"). Update: indeed!

Update. Sophomores not behaving like sophomores.
Update. Navy pilots behaving like navy pilots.

Update. Citizens of New Orleans behaving like citizens.

(Caution: some of these references are to MSM, others to eyewitnesses, so take them with a grain of salt, like everything else.)