July 19th, 2006


Machtesh Ramon


Strange colors (as of the time of posting) probably due to the low resolution of the satellite snapshots used in this portion of the map.

Disclaimer. This has nothing to do with the war.

War in LJ

I wrote to a Lebanese blogger that the primary responsibility of IDF is to defend its citizens, all other considerations are secondary. She replied that I had joined the ranks of war mongers and asked me not to write in her journal any more.

I can do that. She is under a lot of stress and I sympathize.

However, it is exactly this attitude that prevents the Lebanese army from taking control over Hizballah and the Lebanese government from taking control over the country. Now a foreign army has to do it for them, and it is not pretty.

No links.

Update. OK, a link [private].

Update 2006/08/03. Now she has banned me. Just like m_p. :-) Well, at least m_p is out of the danger of war.