August 2nd, 2006


From a thread with cedarseed

There is no room for marlowe1 and no room for me, but plenty of room for igorla. I can also see how a friend of mine (no links) deliberately dumbs his comments down just so he could participate in discussions in your journal.

You seem to not be able to deal with people who are not 100% in your camp unless you feel intellectually superior to them. Otherwise you quickly label them "obtuse" or war mongers or another condescending label and refuse to listen to them any more.

Your loss.



Update. I sympathize with her. She is now trying to leave the country and is doing what she can, selling her items (she is an accomplished artist), pulling whatever strings she has and generally working towards that goal. But compare it with what some of my Israeli LJ friends are doing, organizing help to the people of the North and volunteering their time and money towards that goal. Gives one a perspective.