March 16th, 2008


Two-state solution

I think it will be three. I doubt West Bank and Gaza would form a viable state; recall the fate of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Gaza is a well defined area, but what we call the West Bank is just a collection of pieces on the west, of course, bank of the Jordan river which was captured by the state of Transjordan because the nascent Israeli army was too weak to defend it. (I am glad it was strong enough to defend Tel Aviv; it was not obvious at the time.) Details of the borders will not be settled for a long, long time.

On a name for a state

I am looking forward to seeing how the Arab state on the West Bank will be called. West Bank is located in historical areas of Judea and Samaria. Whichever way the borders between the Arab state and Israel are drawn, the non-Israeli Arabs will stay there. (We call these people Palestinians because it is shorter, just like our memories.)

Judging by the way things tend to be going in the Arab societies, Palestinians being no exception, I would not be surprised to see a flamboyant name for a state. Perhaps the word Jamahiria will not be used, and most likely neither will be the word Socialist, but Popular and Democratic are still in the vogue. How about this: Popular Palestinian Arab Democratic People's Republic of Judea?

Can't wait.