April 6th, 2009


GhostNET, US, and China

David Gelertner published an article in Forbes saying that the US is at Cold War II with China.

In the comments section, this comment attracted my attention (quoted verbatim):
The bitter rants of an idealogical protectionist from a dying 20th century empire. Wake up and smell the depression, and the shift to a new world. We either play nice or fade away, what do you think another cold war would do to our 10% unemployment rate? Forget about the human rights of a few tibetans who are too blind to see that they're on the same team as the next world super power.

Reminded me somehow of the 1920s and 30s Soviet mindset, as seen from the popular books and magazine articles from the time.

Another comment said, improve the visa situation. Yes, it is a good idea, but China educates its own engineers and scientists rather well these days.