December 1st, 2010


Blackouts in Beverly

We have been out of power since about 5:20 pm. I went to a Panera to charge up one of my laptops and, sure enough, another power outage. Finished dinner and straight to a Starbucks. Which they said was out of power for about 2 hours but has power now, which means it's rolling, but which is also sort of good news as in: they are working on it.

More local news.

US power grid is not very reliable, common knowledge. And in general... One of my first strong impressions of the country was how vulnerable it was. In some ways I was wrong: a society based on trust is stronger than a society based on fear (this apparently applies to economy and finances as well). But in some ways I was not: the infrastructure is outdated and trailing far behind both the modern technology and the demand. And it has been that way for a long time now.

They will fix the power soon, I have no doubt about that. Fixing the grid and the rest of the infrastructure is not that easy and will take some effort and willpower.

Update. Fixed. Now the grid.