July 22nd, 2013


From CNN - on Zimmerman's case

I'm an East Coast, left-of-center, 54-year-old white woman and I'm not talking. Unless you believe that Trayvon was an innocent child victimized by a vicious white murderer, you can't have a public conversation about this trial without being labeled a racist.

I won't even e-mail you from my real e-mail account. I'm in hiding. I'm not even as brave as Juror B37 who speaks in shadows. She and I watched every minute of that trial and came to the same conclusion. American jurisprudence worked during this trial. It may not in others, but in this one, it did. Saying this out loud does not make me a racist. It just makes me scared.

Update. Еще на эту тему:http://whocares1970.livejournal.com/377102.html