Несносный наблюдатель (cema) wrote,
Несносный наблюдатель

Katrina relief efforts

According to [littleGreenFootballs]: "Only two organizations were on the scene from day one as refugees began arriving at the Houston Astrodome: the American Red Cross and Chabad Jewish Hurricane Relief".

I do not know if this is correct, but looks very likely. Red Cross is, of course, the behemoth of charities; I think Chabad enjoys good reputation as well. However, I did my donation through United Jewish Communities [ujc].

Oh, and a word about LGF. The guy who runs it is right-wing. Some of his commenters are kooks; he is definitely sane. Just a normal guy with certain political inclinations. Better, imho, than dailyKos, who is left-wing.

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