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More on Bint Jbail and Hizballah

Counter Terrorism blog.

Today, 8 Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade's 51st Battalion were killed and 22 wounded [...] This follows the 4 killed and 18 wounded during Sunday's engagement in the town.

Hezbollah was reported to have suffered 150 killed as of this morning, and another 40 killed in today's action [...]

The Hezbollah bunker in Bint Jubayl was taken nearly intact.

The Israelis have confirmed that Hezbollah is fighting like a professional military.
I have also noticed this. Why don't people write about it? Calling Hezbollahniks "terrorists" does not do justice to the struggle Israeli forces have to deal with now.

Final point:

The Israeli government is signaling their plan to combat Hezbollah is to establish a 1-2 kilometer security buffer along the border and accept international peace keepers without explicitly requiring Hezbollah to disarm in accordance to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559. This would give Hezbollah a monumental political and propaganda victory, while allowing Hezbollah's army the time and space it needs to rearm, train and improve their tactics for the next battle with the Israeli Defense Force.

I absolutely agree, armchair observer that I am. What are the political and military bosses of Israel thinking about? I doubt it is a ruse.

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