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Несносный наблюдатель

Passengers vigilance

Another case [independent]. A man was escorted off restrained on a plane allegedly because he was looking Arab. (Happened on May 22, American Airlines flight. Published on October 1, the Independent.)

Note. The text does not seem to have been well researched. For example, this quote is misleading wrong:
Earlier this month, a plane from London to Washington DC made an emergency landing, escorted by fighters, after passengers alerted crew to the behaviour of a female traveller. It later emerged she had suffered a panic attack.
She did not just suffer from a panic attack, but was behaving crazily and issuing threats. Of course, this is just background, not part of the story. But I wish the reporter (the editor?) had been less sloppy, and I wonder why they preferred to remember and present the crazy woman case the way they did.

Update. Why did I write "escorted off"? Because that is what the subtitle of the article said. Of course, it is not what the article said! I should have expected that from the Independent.

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