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It's a review by Roger L. Simon of a book by Norman Podhoretz, but it mentions a separate important point: "the extraordinary inability of Bush and those surrounding him to understand and to respond to the paramount importance of public relations". Here is a relevant quote:
[...] the Administration had natural allies they never thought to enlist, because all of us – Democrat, Republican or Independent – are threatened by the rise of Islamofascism. They should have fought at every moment not to make this a partisan issue, because it is not. The very things the left wing of our Democratic party says they abhor – misogyny, homophobia, lack of religious freedom – are the very things Islamism represents and promotes. That should have been exploited and co-opted. We’re all in this together in the defense of the Enlightenment.

We are all in this together in the defense of the Enlightenment. Aren't we?

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    1 декабря у нас в семье пополнение: Бенцион и Евгений.

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