Несносный наблюдатель (cema) wrote,
Несносный наблюдатель

What I saw in California

Not much. And the photos are of poor quality. And I am skipping faces.


Every cow has a silver lining.

Bicycles! For rent.

I rented a car instead. Not this one, though!

Not this one either.

And I would not advertise my political convictions so openly...

Besides, the human skin would make a better canvas than the car body. (No faces.)

Well, I said no faces... It's not a face, it's a mug!

So is this, I guess.

Resting. Uh... see who is resting?

Above San Luis Obispo. We are above, SLO is below.

This looks more like the city. No cute birds.

Wine country!

California State Route 1 goes along the ocean side. Sometimes literally alongside. The ocean is Pacific, which means Quiet. It was pretty quiet.

Big Sur: the sun over the ocean. (Ignore Enjoy the jpeg artifacts.)

Big Sur: the moon over the land!

This is a place I could live in. Even if it is called Mount Diablo.

These are all pale shadows of what a good photographer could turn into something. And many have (especially with Big Sur). But I am just doing it for fun.


BTW, something seems to have happened to the photos after uploading. They appear darker on the fotki site. Is it a common experience?
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