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My friends page (http://cema.livejournal.com/friends/) shows me a funny LJ login page. When I logged in I was told 00website or some such thinks it is a suspicious site and is going to go over it within several hours. I changed the password and looked at past friends pages. Skip 20 (http://cema.livejournal.com/friends?skip=20) shows fine, skip 10 (http://cema.livejournal.com/friends?skip=10) shows the login page, skip 15 (http://cema.livejournal.com/friends?skip=15) was fine a minute ago but is bad now, skip 17 (http://cema.livejournal.com/friends?skip=17) is fine.

Feels like there is a bad posting somewhere around skip 15 at this moment (and rolling back as my friends page progresses). Or it may be something else. Whatever it is, should not be.

Update. Explained in comments.

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