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Private space ship revealed

A better substitute for a shuttle [msnbc|space.com], a private enterprise.

A few photos [scaled.com]
  • Cockpit [large|small]. See the cheapo looking GPS unit, the computere screen control panel, the funny (helicopter-like?) cockpit view through the funnily cut portals (windows). Someone on a slashdot thread called it a retro-future look, of what the future used to be in 1940s and 50s pop sci journals.
  • The space unit [large|small] and the carrier airplane [large|small] cabins look very much alike [large|small].

    A nice FAQ item [scaled.com]
    How can you see where you're going?
    The visibility is actually much better than you might imagine. By moving your head slightly you can piece together an acceptable picture of the outside world and maintain adequate "situational awareness". What is more difficult is spotting other airborne traffic. However, between radar advisories from ground controllers and an onboard traffic alert system called "Skywatch," this limitation is minimized.
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