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Urban legends in Iraq

[New York Times]
"With those glasses, he can definitely see through women's clothes," said the engineering student, Samer Hamid. "It makes me angry. We are afraid to take our families out on the street."
"I do not believe Saddam is in America," Mr. Hassan said. "I heard he went to Tel Aviv."
"I let a kid put on my sunglasses, and he was still convinced they had X-ray vision," said Sgt. Stephen Roach, a soldier from Lufkin, Tex. "He kept saying to me, `Turn it on, turn it on.' "
There are also rumors that Americans are hiding their casualties by dumping large numbers of soldiers' bodies each night into the Tigris River.
Why would the builders of smart bombs and X-ray sunglasses take longer to restore power than Mr. Hussein did after the 1991 Persian Gulf war? The Americans must be withholding electricity as revenge for the attacks on soldiers.
Inside each helmet is a map showing the soldier the location of every house in Iraq.
Note that not all of the legends and rumors are technical in nature.

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