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1973 war: a report

The separation lines in the Sinai and Golan articulated a political achievement that some view as an Arab victory. Indeed, the Arab military and political achievement was real, especially compared to the results of the War of Attrition [...] Nonetheless, there was a considerable gap between the Arabs' goals before the war, which completely ruled out any negotiations with Israel, and the negotiated arrangements after the war. Even broader is the gap between Sadat's and Assad's expectations and the results on the battlefield.

The direct military results of the war, at the moment of cease-fire, were only a partial attainment of the war goals, as defined before the war, and each specific achievement was overshadowed by the traumatic failure of not preventing the war [...]

The IDF was unable to complete the military victory. In the Golan, this was mainly the result of military factors [...]

In Egypt, the shock of the surprise Israeli crossing of the Suez and the territorial gains brought in the superpowers and stepped up political moves to enforce a cease-fire.

The Israel Defense Forces in 1973 did not achieve the decisive victory that chief of staff Elazar viewed as the opportunity for bringing peace closer, but the war created the breakthrough for the peace with Egypt, perhaps precisely because the Arab armies were also able to claim achievements.
Well, the last point has been commonly accepted for a long time now.

But it seems IDF sets unnecessarily high standards for itself. Not standards of operation, but standards of what is victory. I do not think it is a big deal, since there seems to be very little propaganda value in whatever IDF says as opposed to what Israelis themselves feel. If they feel the 1973 war was a failure, no amount of convincing them otherwise would do. On the other hand, (almost) all Arab countries are able to sell anything they want to their citizens, facts notwithstanding. Finally, military and political leaders from the third countries (USA, USSR, etc) were and are capable of independent assessing.

Perhaps the trick is not to set the expectations too high. :-)

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