Несносный наблюдатель (cema) wrote,
Несносный наблюдатель

[en] Rolling Thunder

There is an interesting tradition: hordes of bikers get together in Washington DC for the traditional Memorial Day Rolling Thunder event. They roll around downtown DC with US flags and MIA/POW flags and are cordially greeted by the crowds of onlookers. Interesting to watch (both). Thunder indeed; they seem to abhore muffling their bikes. Men and women alike, very picturesque.

Clicking here will get you to their main web site, heavy (>1M) with pictures (see examples below) that vividly remind me of the kitschy military atmosphere in the Soviet Army, particularly the soldiers' albums (btw, I will appreciate a better reference).

It is different on the web, but rather touching when you see them in flesh. YMMV, of course.


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